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Summary of Desuggestopedia April 3, 2010

Posted by gilangkanigara in Bahasa Inggris.

This method developed out of believe that human brain could process great quantities of material given the right conditions of learning like relaxation. In order to give the feeling of relaxation to the students, the classroom is filled with posters or something like that to make it bright and colorful. Besides, there is also music playing in the classroom and becomes the central to this method. Soft music leads to increase in alpha brain wave and a decrease in blood pressure and pulse rate resulting in high intake of large quantities of materials. The students are encouraged to be as “childlike” as possible.

The goals of this method are to accelerate the process by which students learn to use a foreign language for everyday communication and to bring the students to the learning situation and using techniques to activate the ‘para-conscious’ part of the mind, just below the fully-conscious mind. In order for the method to be successful, the students must trust and respect the teacher. To be trusted and respected by the students, the teacher must act confidently. The students will retain information better from someone in whom they have confidence since they will be more responsive to the teacher’s ‘desuggesting’ their limitations and suggesting how easy it will be for them to succeed.

It is believed that if the students learn in comfortable situation, they will gain information more effectively. Apart from soft, comfortable seats in a relaxed setting, everything else remained the same.



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