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Comparison between Audio-Lingual Method and the Silent Way March 27, 2010

Posted by gilangkanigara in Bahasa Inggris.

From their names themselves, we can know that they are contrast to each other. Here are the differences we can list:

–        In Audio-Lingual Method, (ALM) the teacher starts with speaking. In the Silent Way (SW), the teacher starts without saying anything the students already know.

–        ALM: Students follow the teacher as their model. They mimic what the teacher says. SW: Language is not learned by repeating after a model.

–        ALM: The teacher greatly helps the students if they make mistakes. SW: The other students who help their friends if they make mistakes.

Basically, in the Audio-Lingual Method, teacher still involves greatly in the learning process. The teacher act as a model which is followed by the students afterward. If there are mistakes caused by the students, the teacher will immediately correct it as it can interfere with the habit formation built. The process will be repeated over and over again to equip the students with habit formation. With it, the learning process can be more effective.

Contrary, in the Silent Way, the teacher does not involve himself too much. The students must rely on each other to learn or correct a mistake. With this method, the students will be independent from the teacher and can express their own thoughts, perceptions, and feelings. It is also to develop the students’ own inner criteria for correctness.



1. tacho - October 14, 2011

Thank you for this,,,it was very useful for me because im doing a BA on language teaching and ive been looking for comparisons and i finally found one thats very clear,,thanks again.tachorangel@yahoo.com.mx

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